Elsa Arnardóttir, director

Elsa is responsible for organizing and overseeing the operations of Þekkingarsetur. She has a B.A. próf in anthropology and philosophy from the University of Iceland, a diploma in textile from the Reykjavík School of Visual Art and is currently finishing a M.Art.Ed program with the Icelandic University of Arts. 


Email: tsb [at] tsb.is 
Phone: +354 452 4030 



Katharina A. Schneider, project manager

Katharina is the communications manager of Þekkingarsetur and responsible for project development. She has a M.A. degree in history, English  literature and linguistics from the University of Freiburg in Germany and a degree in information science from the University of Iceland.
Email: k.schneider@tsb.is
Phone: +354 452 4030 / +354 899 9271



Jóhanna E. Pálmadóttir, project manager

Jóhanna is the director of the Icelandic Textile Center. She also coordinates textile related projects for Þekkingarsetur. Current projects include supervising the textile artist residency and developing educational opportunities in the field of textiles in Kvennaskólinn, the former women´s school in Blönduós. She is an experienced handicrafts teacher, the woman behind the embroidery project "Vatnsdæla on a Tapestry" (Vatnsdælu á Refli) and the author of countless knitting recipes. 


Email: textilsetur@simnet.is /  textilsetur.residency@simnet.is

Phone: +354 898 4290



Ragnheiður Björk Þórsdóttir, researcher
Ragnheiður is our in-house weaving expert. She teaches visiting students and the artists staying at the textile residency in Kvennaskólinn, and currently works on a collaborative research project on weaving patterns with the Icelandic Textile Center. 
Email: ragga.textilsetur@simnet.is
Phone: + 354 452 4030


Melody Woodnutt, artistic advisor
Melody has worked extensively within arts; in facilitation, programming and curation, events and project management. Her role at Þekkingarsetur is to organize conferences and cultural events, as well as creating short and long-term artistic programs in collaboration with art residencies, organisations, and educational institutions in northwest Iceland. 
Email: m.woodnutt@tsb.is
Phone: 452 4030