There are two exhibitions located in Kvennaskólinn:



Minjastofa Kvennaskólans is an exhibition on the history of the Women´s College, set up by the society "Friends of Kvennaskólinn". It features rooms decorated in the original style, as well as artefacts donated by former students and Elín Briem, the college´s first principal. Guided tours of the house and exhibitions are available. Please contact Aðalbjörg Ingvarsdóttir at aingv@simnet.is, or contact the Þekkingarsetur office. 

Photos by Róbert Daníel Jónsson.


Vatnsdæla á refli is a tapestry that is communally embroidered to the the Saga of the People of Vatnsdalur. Work on the tapestry began in 2011. The final lenght will be 46 meters. A traditional method of sewing/embroidery is is used and taught to those interested in participating. For more information, contact Jóhanna Pálmadóttir at textilsetur@simnet.is, or visit the project´s Facebook page: Vatnsdæla á Refli


 Photos by Róbert Daniel Jónsson. 
Please contact the Þekkingarsetur office for further information.