Þekkingarsetur has collaborated with the Icelandic Textile Center on developing the textile artist residency in Kvennaskólinn since 2012. 

The residency seeks to promote an atmosphere of creativity, experimentation and reflection for artists and scholars working inside the textile field. The scenic setting, including the historic house, the old town of Blönduós and the river Blanda, support and enhance the creativity of artists and scholars by providing them with uninterrupted time for work and exploration. 

The residency is furnished with 8 bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom, living room, laundry, and shared studio space. Residents also have access to the Kvennaskólinn Museum (dedicated to the history of the school), the Textiles Museum next door and the tapestry of ‘Vatnsdæla’; interested guests can learn, over a session with Jóhanna Pálmadóttir, how to embroider and contribute to the ongoing 46 metre ´Vatnsdæl´ embroidered tapestry. Studio facilities include a loom room, dying station, sewing machines, and personal or large shared desks.



Artists are provided with his/her own bedroom equipped with a small desk and scenic view, as well as shared space in the communal studio. 

The residency coordinator is Erla Gunnarsdóttir (email: See Facebook (Textile Center residency) and the homepage of Textilsetur,, for more information.